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Pot size:90/110/140


Uses:Foliage and Flower pot, as well as water culture

Temp: 2028

Soilrich, well-drained, kept moist but not soggy. PH5.0-6.5, EC<2

Water Keep moist between watering & Water when soil is half dry, RH 75%~85 PH5.5-6.5, EC<0.6

Light: During winter it can be exposed under full sun accordingly.

Within 15 days


The 1st-2nd  month

 6000-7000 lux

The 3rd -9th  month

 9000-10000 lux

 1-2 months before shipment

 6000-7000  lux

Overground part of 30-45cm in height,  green leaves are lanceolate and small, but luxuriant, 20-25cm around in length from leaf tip to pulvinus and 5cm in width,  leaf tip drooping, leaf margion flat.  Strong in division.  Florescence of 20 days around. Suitable for pot ranging from 9cm to 14cm.