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Pot size:90/110/140


Uses:Foliage and Flower pot, as well as water culture

Temp: 2028

Soilrich, well-drained, kept moist but not soggy. PH5.0-6.5, EC<2

Water Keep moist between watering & Water when soil is half dry, RH 75%~85 PH5.5-6.5, EC<0.6

Light: During winter it can be exposed under full sun accordingly.

Within 15 days


The 1st-2nd  month

 6000-7000 lux

The 3rd -9th  month

 9000-10000 lux

 1-2 months before shipment

 6000-7000  lux

'Vicki Lynn' sports more blooms, shorter blooms, and glossy, darker green colored leaves without the burn problems associated with the pollen parent petite has.