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Pot size:90/110/140/180/250


Uses:Pot Plants, landscaping, water culture & microlandschaft

Temp: 2230,Cold Sensitive

Soil: Rich, well-drained potting mix.

Water : Spray frequently to maintain high humidity. Keep soil continuously moist throughout spring and summer, and reduce watering in the winter, but don't let it dry out.

Major Pests:Mites, Thrips, Whitefly

Diseases:Grey Mold,Leaf Spot

Light:During winter it can be exposed under full sun accordingly.It can grow well in different light conditions.

Plant height of 20cm  around, a drawf variety, the plant's leaves are variegated from one to one. Younger plant has more rounder leaves with only white color along the midrib,  green on the edge. As the plant grows, the leaves have more white color gradually. 

The dark green leaves of Syngonium Pixie are distinctly decorated by its heavy white venation along the midrib,

 making it a good house decoration.