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Pot size:90/110/140/180/250及以上


Uses:Foliage Plants Pot and Landscaping

Calatheas originate from the warm and humid tropical rainforests——they will not torlerate dry air or drafts. Areas controlled: RH>60%; pH=6.5; teperature from 18.5-32℃; light of 10000-16000lux, but zebrina of lower 8000 lux; Soil of retaining water yet drainning well is preferred. Please keep the soil evenly moist. Lack of or too much potash fertilizer will result in leaf spot and discolor . And there are also different requirement among calathea varieties.
The rattlesnake plant,  oblong leaves with wavy margins; yellow-green upper leaf surface having alternating large and small dark green spots; a maroon leaf underside.