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Pot size:75/90/110/140/180/250/350


Uses:Uses:Foliage and Flower pot, as well as landscaping in subtropical and tropical areas

Tissue culture and plug plant reservation is ready.

But it prefer bright place with good air condition in house. The best temperature is 18-30

DIY Pot Size:90-350mm of 9-11cm pot of 4 months and 15cm pot of 6 month.

A destined  better plant model for personality fashion now. But so rare in domestic market.  Leaves are heart shaped, thinner and soft with glossy and bright green color when young. Green gray stem are really fast growing compared with other ficus varieties with dia. of 1.5cm after half a year. Adult plants with more green leaves and upto 2m above in height, good for landscaping projects.

From table to lobby, Umbellata can be used to meet all your green needs.